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School Kids' Zone: Interesting and Useful Links


Bullying Prevention Articles (

Kim Hart, an educational outreach writer with AAA STATE OF PLAY, mentor and mother, has recently been working on a series of safety articles related to children.

Kim has produced and gathered a number of excellent articles. The Guide to Bullying Prevention is a good resource with a lot of valuable links. Well worth a look.


Prepared by Lauren Bradshaw - this comprehensive guide is a 'must see'.

offers well laid out, important and useful information for parents, teachers, and family members on cyberbullying, what it is, the laws around it, and what adults can do to help prevent cyberbullying from happening.

Original Anti-Bullying Song and Video
'Stronger', by Megan Landry

A couple of years ago, Know Bull! received an email from a very talented (then) 15-year-old songwriter and singer named Megan, about an anti-bullying song she'd produced. We think it's exceptional.

Click here to watch Megan's song

FREE App designed to prevent Cyber Bullying

SAMHSA (Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration) in the USA has produced an App, which they say can help prevent cyber bullying. Click here for more info.

VIDEO: cyberbu//y

Cyberbu//y (2011) is a television film that tells the story of a teenage girl who is bullied online.To view the full film (1 hr 27 mins) Click here. (link opens new window).

The Cyberbullying Research Centre has some excellent resources for Teens, Educators, and Parents.

Choose from
fact sheets, quizzes, activities youth can use to educate their communities about cyberbullying, crossword puzzles, games, various guides, and useful tips.

The site has a wealth of information, and is worth a visit.

notMYkid is an Arizona non-profit that sends young adult speakers out to local schools to speak on topics including substance abuse, bullying, depression/self-injury, eating disorders, unhealthy relationships, and internet safety.  

Their website has some really good anti-bullying information and resources for children and parents.  

It’s located at and well worth a visit.

VIDEO: The Dangers of Common Core

What do you know about Common Core? What role has Bill Gates played in the
controversial program? Dr. Duke Pesta joins Stefan Molyneux to discuss the horrifying truth about modern education, the origin of these government standards and the results which have been seen by implementation across the United States. Common Core represents of the most comprehensive steps toward complete government control of childhood education. The idology underpinning Common Core can be seen in Australia's Education system with 'Naplan', and the 'supposed' anti-bullying program a.k.a. 'Safe Schools'.

Kids Helpline is a free 24 hour counselling service for Australian kids and young people aged 5-25 years. You can get help over the phone, email, or web.

ounsellors talk with more than 6,000 kids each week, and help with problems big and small. So if you need to talk to someone now, call Kids Helpline on 1800 55 1800, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week., a web resource that provides information about addiction and mental health issues, has
recently published an educational guide about bullying and substance abuse titled:
Bullying and Substance Abuse: Who It Affects and Why

Drugrehab notes that bullying is
a prominent risk factor for substance abuse and addiction,
and that
the person being bullied isn’t the only one at risk.

This is an excellent resource for parents, teachers, and others that are interested in the effects of 'bullying'.

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