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12 January 2018:

Rockhampton mother starts petition for removal of app that's "breeding suicides” and “a breeding ground for hate”.
"I have been, scared, broken and sick to my stomach ever since I read messages about my 13-year-old daughter including, “I hope SHE KILLS HERSELF", said Australian mum, Katrina. Messages such as this were sent through an app called Sarahah, which can be downloaded for free on both the App Store and on Google Play. View petition here:

15 February 2018:
UPDATE: On the above petition
After more than 434,000 signatures, this petition gets first response from Google
Click on the above 'UPDATE' link to read the repsonse.

11 January 2018:
Know Bull! Editorial: Opinion piece on youth bullying
Know Bull!
comments on an article about youth cyber-bullying suicide were CENSORED out of existence on an online news website - presumably because of a 'lack' of political correctness. Read the Editorial

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