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Index of Articles and Information about Workplace Bullying

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  • Bad Boss 'Tips' - An online resource offering brief, no-nonsense 'tips' in an easy-to-read format by Marilyn Haight, author of Who's Afraid of the Big, Bad Boss?

  • How to Deal With A Bad Boss 'Actions to take' - Another excellent webpage by Marilyn Haight.

  • Introduction to the Serial Bully - Bullies who make a 'habit' of forcing staff from the workplace are known as a 'Serial Bully', and this website by the Tim Field Foundation provides a comprehensive descriptive profile. Often labeled as 'psychopaths in suits'...and with very good reason...this is the one person to whom all the organisational 'dysfunction' can be traced. 

  • Serial Bullies' Attitudes to Life and Work - Also from the Tim Field Foundation

  • Harassment Training Powerpoints - Compliance and Safety LLC (CandS), provided us with a link to the webpage where they house a number of Powerpoint presentations for download.


  • VIDEO: Calling a Bully a Bully, 25 Nov 2008. (6min 16sec) Bullying is very expensive for the bottom line of any organisation, says Carrie Clark, co-founder of the California Healthy Workplace Advocates. This video defines what qualifies as bullying, and how to stand up to a growing problem that Clark describes as a national 'epidemic'. A good video worthy of viewing [Link opens new window].

  • VIDEO: Workplace Bullying, 1 Sep 2010, (5min 24sec) Mediator & Workplace Conflict Specialist, Ruth Sirman, speaks on Ottawa Morning A Channel (Canada), about workplace bullying [Link opens new window].

  • VIDEO: Bullying a major workplace issue, 25 Jul 2012. (4min 21sec) TodayTonight Program states that workplace bullying is a major issue in Australia with studies have shown it is costing the Australian economy $36 billion a year [Link opens new window].

  • AUDIO: The workplace bully 'ambush' meeting, 13 Oct 2012. (33min 13sec) "Without knowing what lies ahead, attending a hastily-called meeting by your bully can cost you your job", says Dr Gary Namie from the Workplace Bullying Institute [Link opens small popup window].

  • VIDEO: Bullying for Family & Friends, 23 Oct 2012. (60mins) We urge the family and friends of a workplace bully 'target' to listen to this podcast to get an understanding of what their loved one is going through in the workplace. Dr. Gary Namie, Director of the Workplace Bullying Institute describes the bullying experience for loving family and friends of the bullied target. Video Excerpt: Swimming With Sharks (1994), that Dr Namie refers to during podcast.

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